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How do I find my size?

Burju Shoes run true to US shoe sizes for women and half size large for men.  Please do not match other shoe brands sizes when selecting a Burju Shoe. If you are unsure of your true size please use our "Guide to Measuring Your Foot" and match your measurement to the size on our size chart for Women or Men.  You can convert European, US, Asian, Australian and UK sizes to US sizes by using our size charts.  

Our widths are medium. If you fall under the narrow or wide column you may consider ordering a size up or down to get a better fit.  See "What if my foot is wide or narrow?"


What if my foot is wide or narrow?

We offer a variety of styles that are ideal for either narrow or wider width feet. What makes these products perfect is their ability to adjust to fit the width of your foot perfectly.

Take a look at the following links to see the styles:

La Alemana

If the style you hoped for is not on this list you can also try ordering a half size smaller then your regular size (for narrow feet) or a half size larger then your regular size (for wider feet).

We can also custom order the shoes in other colors or heels that meet your needs. For a custom order please see our policies here:


What heel height should I order?

Our heels are measured from the outside or tallest part of the heel.  Please see our heel chart to see the sizes.  While all our shoes, including the highest heels, are very comfortable you should order the heel height that will work best for you.  If you will be on your feet longer hours you can try using a lower heel height.  


Guide to Measuring Your Foot

All you need to get your proper foot measurement at home is:

  • a piece of paper larger than your foot
  • a pencil
  • tape
  • and a ruler or measuring tape.

Click "View Full Article" all the way at the bottom of the article to see images in larger scale.



**Once you have the measurement of your foot length in centimeters please go to the shoe and click on the size chart in the description to find the size.







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